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Target Jun 23rd 2021 Fairfield Girls School 5:30pm Set Up Start Prompt 7pm 

Target Jun 26th - 27th Jun 1440 Rounds Fairfield Girls School

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Target Jul 1st 2021 Wales Archery Archery Slow Motion Camera Service Other South Wales Click here

Other Jul 1st 2021 Eagle Archery Archery Events - Weddings Durham & Northumberland Click here

Field Jul 1st 2021 Butsfield Bowmen Field Archery Have a Go Field Durham & Northumberland Click here

Field Jul 2nd - 10th 2021 IFAA European Bowhunters International Confolens, France Click here

Target Jul 3rd - 4th 2021 Supermarine Bowmen CANCELLED WA Weekend WA 70/50, WA 1440 Wiltshire UKRSS

Marks Jul 3rd - 4th 2021 Fraternity of St George Mary Rose Shoot Marks/Speed/Flight Kent Click here

Target Jul 3rd 2021 Yorkshire County AA Lez Newsome Memorial & Yorkshire Open WA 1440/Metrics Yorkshire Click here WRSS

Target Jul 3rd - 4th 2021 Yorkshire County AA Yorkshire County Championships York/Hereford/Bristols Yorkshire Click here WRS

Target Jul 3rd 2021 Cleve Archers Junior UKRS Metrics Avon Click here UKRS

Target Jul 3rd 2021 Bowmen of Wadebridge Open WA 70 Cornwall

Target Jul 3rd 2021 Wallingford Castle Summer Metrics WA 1440/Metrics Oxfordshire Click here WRS

Target Jul 4th 2021 Cheltenham Archers Catherine Goldacre Memorial WA 1440 Gloucestershire Click here UKRSS

Target Jul 4th 2021 Yorkshire AA Outdoor Championships York/Hereford/Bristols Yorkshire Click here UKRS

Target Jul 4th 2021 Cheshire County Bowmen Annual Chester Shoot WA 70/60/50 Cheshire Click here

Field Jul 10th - 11th 2021 Overton Black Arrows SCAS Field Champs & Watership Down Field Hampshire UKRS

Target Jul 10th 2021 Exmouth Archers Double 1440 Star WA 1440/Metrics Devon Click here UKRSS

Target Jul 10th 2021 Guildford AC Junior Acorn Westerns Surrey Click here

Clout Jul 10th - 11th 2021 Cumbria AA 2 Day FITA Clout Metric Double Cumbria UKRS

Target Jul 10th 2021 EAF & Sherwood Archers EAF Longbow Champs York/HerefordNottinghamshire UKRSR

Target Jul 10th 2021 Bowmen of Warfield CANCELLED Junior Open Short Metric Short Metric Berkshire UKRS

Target Jul 11th 2021 Greasley Castle Archers Notts Senior & Junior Champs York/Hereford/Bristols Nottinghamshire UKRSR

Target Jul 11th 2021 NCAS TBC - 2nd Caswell Northamptonshire UKRS

Target Jul 17th - 18th 2021 New Century Bowmen Grand Northern York/Hereford/Bristols Cheshire UKRSR

Target Jul 17th 2021 Southern Counties AS Junior & Senior WA Star WA 1440/Metrics Essex WRSS

Target Jul 17th 2021 Belvoir Archers Summer Open Windsors UKRS

Target Jul 17th - 18th 2021 Cleve Archers WA FITA weekend WA 720 Avon Click here UKRSS

Target Jul 18th 2021 Berkshire AA Berks Champs & Open York/Hereford/Bristols Berkshire Click here UKRS

Target Jul 18th 2021 Cumbria AA Open County Champs York/Hereford/Bristols Cumbria UKRS

Target Jul 18th 2021 Essex CAA Essex County Open WA 1440/Metrics Essex WRS

Clout Jul 18th 2021 Lancashire County Archery LAA Clout Champs GNAS 1 Way Double Lancashire UKRS

Target Jul 23rd - 30th 2021 Olympics Tokyo Olympics 2020 WRS

Target Jul 24th 2021 Black and Gold Archers Summer Tournament York/Hereford/Bristols/Nat Gloucestershire UKRSR

Target Jul 24th - 25th 2021 Yorkshire AA NCAS Regional Champs & Grand Northern Archery Meeting York/Hereford/Bristols Yorkshire Click here UKRSR

Clout Jul 24th - 25th 2021 Waterside Archers July Clout GNAS 2 Way Double Hampshire UKRST

Target Jul 25th 2021 The Jolly Archers Anniversary Open Western Western Cambridgeshire Click here

Clout Jul 25th 2021 Kirknewton Archers Metric Clout Metric Northumberland

Target Jul 25th 2021 Kirton in Lindsey Archery Club Klassic Shoot St George/Albion/Windsors Lincolnshire

Target Jul 31st 2021 Redruth Archers Double FITA Star WA 1440/Metrics Cornwall Click here WRSS

Target Jul 31st - Aug 1st 2021 Cheshire AA FITA Star & Rose County Champs York/Hereford Cheshire Click here UKRSS

Target Jul 31st 2021 Wallingford Castle Archers The WCA 720 WA 70/60/50 Oxfordshire Click here WRS


Target Aug 1st 2021 Wallingford Castle Archers National Age Masters WA 50 Oxfordshire Click here

Flight Aug 1st 2021 Cumbria AA Cumbria Flight Shoot Flight Cumbria Click here

Target Aug 1st 2021 Northampton AC Open Outdoor Tournament Nationals Northamptonshire

Other Aug 1st 2021 Eagle Archery Beginners Courses Durham & Northumberland Click here

Target Aug 1st 2021 Eagle Archery Handmade Archery Leather work Other Tyne & Wear Click here

Target Aug 4th - 7th 2021 Southern Counties ASSCAM Various Hampshire Click here UKRS

Target Aug 7th 2021 Yorkshire AA Longbow Championships York/National Yorkshire Click here

Target Aug 7th 2021 Leaves Green Bowmen Ind Coope National Nationals Kent

Target Aug 7th 2021 Northamptonshire CAS 3rd Caswell WA 1440/Metrics Northamptonshire UKRSS

Clout Aug 7th 2021 Derbyshire County AA DCAA & Open Clout Champs GNAS 1 Way Double Derbyshire

Target Aug 7th 2021 Chantry Bowmen American Yorkshire

Target Aug 8th 2021 Bath Archers Annual Hereford Hereford Gloucestershire Click here

Target Aug 14th - 15th 2021 Exmouth Archers FITA Weekend WA 70/50, WA 1440 Devon Click here WRS

Target Aug 15th 2021 Buckinghamshire AA County Championships York/Hereford Buckinghamshire UKRSR

Target Aug 20th 2021 Blackpool Bowmen Blackpool Double 720 WA 70/60/50 Lancashire

Target Aug 22nd 2021 Barnstaple AC Double 720 WA 70 Devon UKRS

Clout Aug 25th 2021 Woodford Archers ECAA Open Metric Clout Metric Essex Click here UKRS

Clout Aug 28th 2021 Cheshire AA Tri-Clout (Day 1) GNAS 2 Way Double Cheshire UKRST

Field Aug 29th 2021 Friars Gate AC Open Forresters Field Sussex

Clout Aug 29th 2021 Cheshire AA County & EAF Championships GNAS 1 Way Double Cheshire UKRST

Clout Aug 29th - 30th 2021 Goldcrest Archers Neston Tri-Clout GNAS 2 Way Double Cheshire

Target Aug 29th 2021 Lincoln Archers and EAF Lincoln Archers, EAF & LCAS Open WA 1440/Metrics Lincolnshire

Clout Aug 30th 2021 Cheshire AA Tri-Clout (Day 3)Metric Double Cheshire UKRST

Field Aug 30th - Sep 4th 2021 European Archery European 3D Championships3D Slovenia Click here

Target Aug 31st 2021 Guildford AC Acorn Shoot Hereford/Bristols Surrey Click here UKRS


Field Sep 1st 2021 Eagle Archery Beginners Courses Field Tyne & Wear Click here

Target Sep 5th 2021 Cheshire AA Junior Championships WA 1440/Metrics Cheshire UKRS

Field Sep 5th - 12th 2021 World Archery Europe European Field Championships Field Croatia Click here

Marks Sep 11th - 12th 2021 Fraternity of St George Spitfire Shoot Marks/Speed/Flight Kent Click here

Field Sep 11th - 12th 2021 Ballyvally AC Autumn Greenmount Field WA Combined UKRS

Target Sep 12th 2021 County of Surrey AA Surrey Target Championships WA 1440 Surrey Click here UKRSS

Target Sep 12th 2021 Kestrels AC Nationals Tournament Nationals Bedfordshire UKRS

Target Sep 12th 2021 Northamptonshire CAS County Championships York/Hereford/Bristols Northamptonshire UKRSR

Clout Sep 12th 2021 Essex CAAEC AA Imperial Clout GNAS 1 Way Double Essex UKRST

Target Sep 18th 2021 The Jolly Archers CANCELLED Autumn Shoot York/Hereford/Bristols Cambridgeshire UKRSR

Target Sep 18th 2021 Leaves Green Bowmen Spitfire Open Longbow Shoot Western Kent Click here

Target Sep 18th - 19th 2021 Hampshire AA Hampshire Championships WA 70/50, WA 1440 Hampshire Click here  UKRSS

Target Sep 26th 2021 Abbey Bowmen Abbey Open Windsors Essex Click here


Other Oct 1st 2021 Wales Archery Clearance Sale Other Glamorgan Click here

Field Oct 2nd 2021 Exmouth Archers WA Field Shoot Field Devon Click here

Marks Oct 3rd 2021 The Fraternity of St George The Honorable Artillary Shoot Marks/Speed/Flight Kent Click here

Clout Oct 9th - 10th 2021 Fakenham Bowmen CANCELLED Norfolk Championships (Sunday)GNAS 1 Way Double Norfolk UKRST

Target Oct 9th - 10th 2021 Hampshire AA Indoor Archery Weekend & County Champs & SCAS Regional Indoor Champs WA Combined Hampshire Click here UKRS

Field Oct 9th - 10th 2021 Kendal Bowmen Record Status Field Arrowhead Field Shoot Cumb Click here UKRS

Target Oct 10th 2021 Kettering Archers Indoor Open - Chris Mason Memorial Worcester Northamptonshire

Target Oct 10th 2021 Bath Archers Bath 2 way longbow 2 Way Wester nGloucestershire

Clout Oct 17th 2021 NCAS Tassel Award Champs Metric Yorkshire UKRST

Target Oct 17th 2021 Durham City Archers WA 18 Durham WRS

Clout Oct 23rd 2021 Mercia Archers Double Metric 1 way Metric Double Derbyshire UKRS

Target Oct 31st 2021 Exmouth Archers Inc Head to Head WA 18 Devon Click here


Target Nov 1st 2021 Trackside Archery Winter Indoor Postal Various Leicestershire Click here

Clout Nov 7th 202 1Northamptonshire CAS NCAS Metric Clout Metric Northamptonshire UKRST

Marks Nov 13th - 14th 2021 Fraternity of St George Armistice Shoot Marks/Speed/Flight Kent Click here

Target Nov 14th 2021 Northern Counties AS Indoor Championships Portsmouth Yorkshire UKRS

Target Nov 14th 2021 Chantry Bowmen Northern Counties Indoor Champs Portsmouth Yorkshire Click here

Target Nov 20th 2021 Ely Archers Single & Dbl Portsmouth Portsmouth Cambridgeshire Click here

Field Nov 23rd - 24th 2021Dearne Valley AC Joyce Kiddy Memorial Yorkshire Field ChampsWA Combined Yorkshire UKRSA

Target Nov 28th 2021 Whitehill Archers Christmas Pudding Shoot St Nicholas Hampshire Click here


Marks Dec 4th - 5th 2021 Fraternity of St George Royal Windsor Longbow Christmas Pudding Shoot Marks/Speed/Flight Berkshire Click here

Target Dec 5th 2021 Chantry Bowmen Audrey Lawrence Memorial Worcester Yorkshire UKRS

Target Dec 5th 2021 Targetcraft Archers Annual Portsmouth Portsmouth Northamptonshire UKRS


Target Jun 18th - 19th 2022 Kendal Bowmen NFAS Cumbria Challenge 3D Cumbria Click here

Field Jun 24th - Jul 2nd 2022 IFAA European Bowhunters International France Click here

Field Jul 9th - 10th 2022 UKIFAC UKIFAC Other Hosted by Ireland Click here

Target Jul 18th 2022 Belvoir Archers Summer Windsor Windsors Nottinghamshire UKRS

Field Aug 5th - 13th 2022 IFAA World IFAA Champs International Estonia

Target Aug 20th 2022 Belvoir Archers Summer Windsors Windsors Nottinghamshire Click here

Target Sep 20th 2022 Belvoir Archers Winter Windsor Windsors Nottinghamshire Click here