Covid - 19 Guidance and Information

Goldcrest have fully adopted the current Covid - 19 guidance released by Archery GB and follow their recommendations and Policies

Covid - 19 What am I currently allowed to do?

From 17 May restrictions on indoor archery have been reduced in England and Wales meaning more people can participate in the sport. Covid guidance is still in place for both indoor and outdoor ranges but this latest stage of the government's roadmap sees archery getting one step closer to being fully reopened.

What is the guidance for outdoor archery in England?

Outdoor archery for adults and children is permitted in larger numbers, provided it is formally organised and follows the Archery GB Covid-19 secure guidance.

Organised sport and supervised children’s sport can take place outdoors in any number, but people should maintain the rules on social contact before and after sporting activity.

Participants should adhere to social distancing when not actively participating (e.g., during breaks in shooting, or when packing away to leave). Social interaction before and after archery should only take place outdoors, and in separate and distinct groups consisting of up to 6 people or two households.

From 17 May:

There are no changes to outdoor archery. UK and World Record Status competitions will be able to take place in larger numbers, provided they are formally organised and follow the Archery GB Covid-19 secure guidance.


Indoor archery can take place from 17 May with limits only based on the availability of 100 sq ft per person.

Arran Coggan, acting Director of Participation, said: “Please bear with your club as they get to grips with the information on reopening. Some clubs may experience issues reopening and we will work with clubs to help them through the process of welcoming members back.”

Archery Guidance - Updated May 17th 

Please click on the PDF icon for a downloadable PDF copy of the most up to date Archery Covid Rules

Outdoor Archery

Indoor Archery

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Whilst shooting at either our indoor or outdoor ranges, Archers and associated spectators are responsible for bringing their own mask or face covering (unless exempt), gloves for carrying shared equipment like bosses, compound nets and warning signs. Archers should also bring their own hand sanitiser with them