Field Archery

If you’ve never done field archery, we think you will find it a refreshing change from target archery. We often shoot on Sundays at Dearne Valley Archers in West Yorkshire. This fantastic course is not only great fun, but challenging for all archers.

Field archery is a little like archery’s version of golf. The idea is that you follow a course, usually set out in woodland. You shoot each target once, and they may be up or down hill, or otherwise hindered in some way. Rounds are either marked or un-marked distances, the latter being the more difficult.

The engaging thing about field archery is it makes you think carefully about every shot. Because every shot is unique, you have to decide where you ought to aim based on perceived distance, gradient, angle, obstacles and so on. There is no shooting ‘on autopilot’, as can happen in target archery.

The fact that each target is open to interpretation and judgment is a great leveller.

It is very easy to get in a routine with your shooting. One way to break the routine is to try different forms of archery – maybe by attending a field or clout shoot.

Please note that Goldcrest Archery does not endorse the hunting of living animals. Archery is a discipline drawn from a shared cultural heritage.  All members at Goldcrest Archery respect and promote the countryside, its protection and preservation, wildlife welfare and rights.