Join the club

If you are new to archery, you must first complete the four week beginners' course in order to be eligible to join the club. This course teaches you the basics of archery (as well as the all-important safety rules) and will give you the knowledge to assemble your bow, shoot accurately and safely, and to disassemble your bow. This course is run over four consecutive Wednesdays between 7pm and 9pm (other times and days can be arranged). The course is run at our club (called the Nest) and the cost of this course is £60.

The annual cost to join Goldcrest Archers is £141, which includes your annual Archery GB membership. Each time you turn up to shoot you simply pay £1 and can shoot for up to three hours. If you want to shoot longer, simply pay another £1. This applies to indoors, as outdoor shooting is free.

When you join some archery clubs, you are expected to go out and buy your own bow. However, as a novice, you may make an incorrect purchase, or buy something that will soon become obsolete. For example, as you develop greater muscle strength, you will need to change the 'limbs' on your bow to a higher poundage, which will enable you to shoot further and with greater accuracy. If you buy a bow yourself, you will find you will keep needing to buy stronger limbs, which will soon become very costly.

At Goldcrest you can hire your equipment for as long as you need, and the monthly cost is £20. You will have use of your own bow, sights, stabiliser, arrows and quiver and no-one else will use this equipment. As you develop, we can swap out your bow limbs to more powerful ones until you feel that you have hit a comfortable point. You can then, if you want, stop hiring our equipment and buy your own.

You can also pay a one-off charge of £20 which will provide you with an arm guard (to protect your arm) and a finger tab (to protect your fingers from the bowstring).