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Your one stop shop for all Archery GB and Goldcrest Clubs Rules and Policies 

Club Rules

Please note that this booklet is NOT a comprehensive list of the rules of shooting. All members of Goldcrest Archers are obliged to follow the rules of shooting as laid out in the Archery GB rules of shooting. See the Archery GB website for this information.

Please read the rules. Ignorance is no defence. You are responsible for your actions within the club, and for your own, and others safety

Goldcrest Archers Club Rules

Archery Etiquette

Goldcrest Archers Club Constitution

Photographing & Filming Children & Young People in Sport

Anti Bullying Policy

Online Safety and Social Media Policy


Duty Of Care England and Wales

Indoor Range Risk Assessment

Outdoor Range Risk Assessment

Safeguarding Policy – Adults Policy

Safeguarding Policy – Children and Young People Policy