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Junior Archery

If you are under 18, then you can start archery as a Junior and develop some really cool skills, make friends, have fun and perhaps even have a chance of becoming an Olympian or Paralympian.

Anyone can have a go, join a club – including some that are just for juniors – win a whole range of badges that show the world how good you are, and take part in competitions including the Youth Olympic Games.

One of the driving forces in any sport is a personal achievement. Working hard to get better and competing against yourself and past scores is a big part of the fun. But it’s also good to have something to aim for, and that’s why Archery GB has a number of awards to help you mark your progress. These are organised into a number of age ranges so that as you grow and become stronger, there is a new set of exciting challenges for you to aim for. You can check which ones are available for your age category on our Awards & Records page.

On the competition side, there are competitions available for juniors at the county, regional, and national level, so you can work your way up to the top one – the Junior Masters. As you progress, you may get invited to one of our academies, which will develop your skills and prepare you for greater heights, such as the Olympics.

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Saturday Morning Junior Archery Club - coming to Goldcrest Archers very soon!!!


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